2014 CPRT Championships Around the Corner

The 2014 CPRT Championships are just around the corner.  Over $5000 in cash and prizes are up for grabs.  Register now for another exciting round of racquetball in Las Vegas!

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Swain and Lane victorious at 2013 WOR Nationals, but first…

A modern day warrior mean mean stride, today’s Rob Hoff, mean mean pride. I understand that this is the CPRT recap, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that a player who could be in the CPRT, was involved in one of the most amazing comebacks in outdoor racquetball championship finals history.  Rob Hoff, rapidly approaching his 53rd birthday, was able to withstand numerous championship points (anywhere from 5 to 8, seems it’s already a legend) against he and his partner, Rocky Carson, to comeback and claim the Pro Doubles title over Alvaro Beltran and Daniel De La Rosa, two superb players who won’t be eligible for CPRT play for another six and twenty years, respectively!!! If you weren’t there in person, it’s hard to grasp the magnitude of what they accomplished and the stunned disbelief of the crowd when it was over.  Congrats to a staunch supporter of the game and a true competitor, nice work Hoff. But I digress….
On to the CPRT results where solid play, except for one major hiccup, led to Craig “Clubber” Lane and the legendary Cliff Swain assuming their position atop the pile of teams competing for the coveted title of WOR CPRT Champions.  In what is becoming one of the toughest and most populated divisions in outdoor racquetball, Swain and Lane were able to emerge from a field of 19 teams and take the title as the #7 seed.  Which means there had to be some major upsets along the way.
The first two rounds did not produce any upsets, as all the top seeds advanced to the quarterfinals.  Probably the most shocking aspect of the round of 32 was when indoor players Ravi Sohoni and Eric Fernandez served up a donut to the eventual champions. Lane and Swain were able to quickly regroup, perhaps using the drubbing as motivation to take the tiebreaker and advance.  The quarterfinals saw BOTH the #1 seeded team of Kevin Booth/Jesus Usterroz and the #2 seeded team of Robert Sostre/Son Nguyen fall in defeat.  Booth and Usterroz got taken out in straight games by the veteran team of Mike Beltran and Gabe Medina, former Pro Doubles winners. While Beltran and Medina breezed through the first game, they were just barely able to avoid the tiebreaker, winning game two 15-14. Sostre and Nguyen, on the other hand, were able to force a tiebreaker with Lane and Swain by taking the second game 15-5. Swain/Lane were able to make it two tiebreakers in a row, winning 11-7. Meanwhile, a new team in the CPRT, led by another Legend and early pioneer of the power game, Marty Hogan, was making their mark on their portion of the draw. Along with former CPRT Champion Mike Peters, they were able to take down a tough team of Bret Harnett and Rick Sodaman Koll in a quarterfinal that was closer than the score indicated, 15-11, 15-6.  Hogan and Peters had started the tournament on a rough note, falling behind 0-7 and 2-11 in their first round match with Rick Sandello and Patrick Allin. But they began meshing and Hogan’s muscle memory kicked in, and they were able to come back and win in two straight.
Medina and Beltran were unable to sustain their momentum for their their semifinal match, falling to the higher seeded team of Dale Valentine and Steve “Wobenzym” Belmonte.  They dominated from the start and took the match 15-8, 15-8.  The other semifinal pitted two legends against each other and two sometimes partners as Cliff Swain and Craig Lane took on Marty Hogan and Mike Peters.  Although they had leads late in both games, Peters and Hogan were unable to withstand the constant barrage of photons and kill shots that Lane and Swain are known for, and they fell in two straight games, 15-10, 15-11. As Swain and Peters shook hands, any bad blood between them was left on the court as they each had respect for the others game.
So the Saturday final was set, Swain/Lane vs. Valentine/Belmonte. Solid shot-making and just the overpowering velocity of their strokes made it a routine win for Swain and Lane.  The final result was 15-8, 15-5.  Last year’s finalist Freddy Ramirez, who was unable to attend this year commented, “When Cliff and Craig get it going and get a lead, they are going to be pretty tough to beat and Dale and Steve I’m sure could attest to that”. So another title and another photo shoot for the team of Lane/Swain.  Will they be able to defend their title in Las Vegas at the big 3WallBall tournament?  What about next year’s WOR Nationals?  What about Booth and Usterroz, can they find a way to get back in the driver’s seat?  Will Hogan and Peters come together and make a run to the final?  Find out the answer to these questions by making your reservations NOW at the Stratosphere Hotel and get ready for some CPRT 3WallBall!!!



2013 CPRT Championships Wraps Up in Las Vegas

The 2013 CPRT Championships in Las Vegas was another chapter in the "anything can happen, that's why they play the matches" world of the CPRT. The big story coming into the event was a couple of the early match ups where a few of the top seeded players would be challenged early as a result of the rankings. Friday's first quarterfinal was the perfect example as Cliff Swain, who was seeded #7, faced number 2 ranked Craig Lane and knocked off Lane in 3 straight games. Next up was the only quarterfinal that held to form as third seed Jimmy Lowe easily stopped qualifier Manu Walia also in three games. Qualifier Herb Yamashiro was the next one to upset a top ranked CPRT player as he took out #4 seed Rob Mijares in 4 games. The last match of the night was expected to be a close match after their five game US Open battle earlier in the season and Doug Ganim pulled off the four game win over top ranked Woody Clouse; this was Clouse's first CPRT singles loss since this event in 2009. . .an amazing winning streak on the level of Kane or Paola in their respective tours.

Ganim came back for the first semifinal on Saturday and ended the run of Yamashiro in a four game battle. The second semifinal was a renewal of a CPRT rivalry with a surprisingly quick result as Lowe defeated Swain in three games. In the finals, Jimmy Lowe came after Ganim with all his tricks and took game one 9-3. Ganim know's Lowe very well and was able to regroup and keep Lowe quiet and slow his fast pace down to take the next three games and the title 9-3, 9-4, 9-2 for his first CPRT victory. The win vaulted Ganim into the #5 ranking for the end of season points but it was Clouse who wrapped up his fifth straight end of year CPRT title; another very impressive streak! Rounding out the top five for this season were Jesus Ustarroz at #2, Craig Lane at #3, and Rob Mijares at #4.

The CPRT moves outdoors to start the 2013-14 season with the WOR Warm-ups and WOR Championships in California and then the 3 Wallball World Championships back in Las Vegas September 18-22.

2012 Safe Nest Christmas Toy Drive Tournament
Announced for November 29, 30 & December 1 in Las Vegas

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Woody Clouse Wins CPRT Singles at 3WallBall in Las Vegas

Lane and Ustarroz Win CPRT Doubles at 3WallBall in Las Vegas

CPRT Adds 2012 Izzi Racquetball Open As Sattelite Event

The CPRT is pleased to announce that the 2012 Izzi Racquetball Open has been added to the schedule.
The tournament is scheduled for October 19 - 21 at the Campbell County Rec Center in Gillette, WY
Director: Derek Izzi 717-991-3764
Tounrament site: www.izziracquetball.com
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New Court Surface Announced for 3WB Championships


In a continuing effort to improve the playing conditions for all players 3WB has found a Non Slip finish that will be put over the asphalt for this year. The surface will cover the court floors & run off area with the lines a bright yellow.


Catching up with Woody Clouse

It’s hard to imagine that Woody Clouse has been the year end #1 ranked player on the CPRT for the last four years! He has done so with little fan fare going about his business in an unassuming way.  Woody has never been the first to get a lot of press in the racquetball world but there is some unknown facts that you may find interesting. He was the only American to win a US Open title of the three professional divisions last year. When Racquetball magazine covered last year’s US Open, the cover read “Unstoppable” showcasing Kane Waselenchukand and Paola Longoria. The forgotten fact was that Woody was the only player to win his US Open division without dropping a game. For the record Woody has never been featured on the cover. Woody is the only player over 40 years of age to ever make the national team for both singles and doubles in the same year (2006). Woody won gold in doubles, silver in singles and gold in the team competition. He followed that up by representing Team USA an additional two   consecutive years. Woody’s current winning streak dates back to 2010, when he lost to Cliff Swain in the finals of the CPRT Nationals. The longest winning streak in the history of professional racquetball is 3 years and 4 days by Kane Wesalenchuk. With another undefeated year Woody will surpass that mark which would only make his stake as a future Hall of Famer that much more convincing. We caught up with Woody to see how he has turned back the clock on father time and how he spends his summer in preparation for another year.

The CPRT, Winning & Racquetball – A Way of Life

By Woody Clouse

You either grow or you begin to die. There is no middle ground. This is not a financial statement but one of internal growth and the pursuit of constantly challenging yourself. You always have something to prove. Every match represents something. It’s not in a great players DNA to honestly say, “it doesn’t matter”. I had and have a lot more in me to show what I’m capable of doing on and off the court. The CPRT is the platform that allows me to showcase the work I put into it when no one is watching. The late night workouts in my basement, the dieting to ensure that I don’t lose a step, the constant checking in to make sure I have a healthy hatred for losing. Winning is not a once in a while thing nor is it a thing that a win or loss record on the court can accurately assess. Winning is a relationship with the process. It’s the commitment to find out how well I can perform when it matters most. The Classic Tour is when it matters most for me. The days of being a full time touring pro are long gone. This does not give me the allowance or excuse that I don’t have the responsibility to feed the fire in my belly that says keep it up. Maybe I’m nuts, well ok, rhetorical question! To me we live in way to much of a cynical world where people would rather try to break you down instead of build you up. In life, many things happen that are out of our control. The things that I do have the ability to control such as my health, attitude and god given ability, I don’t want to waste it. I want to respect the blessing as well as the CPRT in the way they deserve to be. It’s a gift to be able to play the game I love and (knock on wood), at the end of the year get to be called the best. Without the CPRT I would not have this opportunity to continue to play racquetball the way I have been shown by Cliff Swain, Mike Ray, Rueben Gonzales, Sudsy Monchik and Jason Mannino and many others. They have all said in many different ways, “ Woody, this is the way you need to do it”. So thanks to them and the CPRT I get to go pay them the homage they deserve. God knows they have all done it better than I ever will.

And then summer comes! The first bite of ice cream and all the other things that I have deprived myself for months is finally over! It’s time to relax and reflect on another long year. Knowing that I have accomplished my goals is one thing; defining how I’m going to come back stronger next year is another. For now, it’s time to get away from the game for a bit and enjoy time with my family and let the body and mind rest.

Summer is a time that I get to focus family and work. I also get to enjoy a lot of cross training such as mountain biking, squash, hiking and swimming. These are just a few of the things that are removed during the tournament season. This does not include diet which is huge. Being able to play racquetball the way I envision it should be played is a lifestyle. I simply have no interest in stepping on the court without being prepared. Summer time is a time that I don’t have to live that lifestyle. For a couple of months I enjoy it as much as I can. Knowing that what I’m doing over the course of a summer is actually helping me get better. Having time to miss the game, time to get hungry for competition, time to reload is a vital part of what will happen over the course of a long season. As hard as I try, I cannot forget the feeling of losing. It’s still as fresh as if it happened yesterday and it makes me sick to stomach. I get a couple of months to contemplate whether or not I am going to commit to doing all of the work it takes to ensure I don’t have to feel that feeling during the season. With that said, there are no guarantees when you walk on the court or in life. So the fact that I have to be in constant attack mode is one I don’t take lightly.

But for now, it’s time to enjoy watching my wife, Valerie compete in triathlons. Go on fishing trips with my son, Keegan and shopping outings with my daughter, Ireland. It’s walking with our dog, Abraham to the park while I get to slide down the slide with my youngest daughter, McKinley. It’s time to work with Adam and Erika Manilla, Tony Carson and a whole slew of other players that I coach and teach. It’s time to write new speeches for my keynotes and pay a lot closer attention to what needs to be done with Harrow Racquetball. Harrow is making great strides and the tournament playing community is going to notice a much larger presence this year which is really gratifying to me. Summer is the time I get to focus on all of these things because during the season the priority is to be ready to play to my potential.

Summer ends early for me each year. The fact that champions are made in the off season is a fact that I embrace. I don’t believe in rebuilding, I believe in reloading! I know that what I have done last season means very little as to what will happen this season. I have to earn my results every match and every year. So come August the work begins. It’s time to miss those tasty bites of ice cream until next year!

The “Party” is over, and the Stage is set …

The 2012 WOR Championships,  presented by ROUNDABOUT Entertainment and Ektelon, and billed as “the Biggest Party in Racquetball”,  has set the stage for the 3WallBall World Championships.  As the third tournament in the 3WallBall Cup Championship Series, the WOR Championships hosted 250 players from nineteen states plus foreign challengers from Mexico and Bolivia. They gathered at Marina Park in Huntington Beach, CA with the largest contingent by far from California.

Greg Solis was the big winner on the men’s side with wins in the Pro Doubles and Mixed Pro, as well as a semi-final finish in the Pro Singles.  Kevin Booth was also a double winner with wins in the Pro Doubles as Greg’s partner and the CPRT Doubles as the partner of Jesus Ustarroz.  The other men’s winner was Rocky Carson iii, who won the Pro Singles without losing a game. 

The big story of the tournament was the unsurpassed performance of Janel Tisinger.  Can you say Triple?  Pro Singles, Pro Doubles, and Mixed Pro.  We’re guessing that Aimee Ruiz and Greg Solis are glad that they were her partners in the Pro Doubles and Mixed Pro, respectively. 

In center stage now are the 3WallBall World Championships in Las Vegas on September 19-23, 2012.  As the fourth, and final tournament of the 3WallBall Cup Championship Series, the big prize of $500 plus a suite in the Stratosphere Hotel will be determined here.  Robert Sostre is still leading the men, but Greg’s fine performance brought him into striking distance and a similar performance at 3WallBall could carry him to the big prize.   Janel’s dominating performance gave her the lead on the women’s side, the third women leader in three tournaments.  Could it happen again?

 A big thank you goes to tournament directors Geoff Osberg and Jesus Ustarroz for this great event, who were not deterred by heat, nor rain, nor dark of night.  For more info about the 3WallBall World Championships, contact tournament director Steve Lerner (steve@classicproracquetball.com). 

Current standings for the 3WallBall Cup can be found at http://www.3wallball.com/

Warm Up Tournament – Marina Park, HB California Booth and Usterroz come back to edge Peters and Lane


Outdoor racquetball is now officially in season and the CPRT was there for the annual WARM UPS before the big dance in July at Marina Park in Huntington Beach California. With 12 teams competing in the always tough pro doubles division, there were sure to be a few upsets.  The number 1 seeded team of Mike Peters and Craig Lane made it through the top half of the draw unscathed, perhaps assisted by a forfeit from Son Nguyen and his partner, Robert “iceman” Sostre. Scheduled for the Sunday, Nguyen was unable to make it as a family emergency arose.

            In the lower half of the draw, the quarterfinals saw the first upset when the red hot team of Gary Martin and Pete Gauchi were able to take down the number 2 seeded team of Gabe Medina and Mike Beltran, previous CPRT Finalists. They won it in two straight with Medina noting, “they were on fire and didn’t miss a thing.” When Gauchi/Martin took on the #3 seeds, Kevin Booth and Jesus Usterroz, they gave them all they could handle before falling in the tie-breaker.

            So the final was set for Sunday with 2 former partners going at each other, Kevin Booth and Mike Peters.  No animosity was seen on the court as Booth and Usterroz took the first game.  But Peters and Lane roared back with a convincing 15-4 win in game two.  Peters was summoning up his inner Lleyton Hewitt with roars of “C’mon!!!” after each winning shot.  Lane was trying to keep Peters in check as they entered the tie-breaker, repeatedly reminding him to “settle down.”

            Peters and Lane scored the first 4 points and Craig Lane lived up to his nickname of “Clubber”, destroying the first 4 balls he saw for winners. But Booth and Usterroz crept back to tie it at 4.  Then Peters and Lane went up 7-4 and had the momentum.  But that momentum was short lived as Usterroz took a tough overhead and hit a dink kill to get back in to serve. Murmurs in the crowd of “what would Jesus do?” were answered shortly as Booth and Usterroz would run it out to win 11-7, leaving Peters and Lane with thoughts of what might have been. The sight of Peters being consoled by his 19 year-old daughter Molly was hardly any consolation for the loss in the hard fought battle.

            With Clubber teaming up with the Legendary Lefty, Cliff Swain for Nationals in a few weeks,  Peters will have to look for a new partner if he hopes to put another CPRT Doubles title on his bucket list.  Booth and Usterroz are likely to hook up for Nationals, and Robert Sostre, with whom Peters won the Vegas CPRT tourney in 2011 is playing with Son Nguyen.  Last year at Nationals, Peters teamed with Restrung Magazine’s Freddy Ramizez to make it all the way to the finals, only to run into a blistering hot Lane and Swain combo.  When asked who he might look for this year, Peters responded, “well, Kane’s not 40 yet and I think Dr. Bud might be a bit too old, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.”
            Stay tuned to the Classic Pro Racquetball Tour site for all the latest from the upcoming Party of the Year, the 2012 Outdoor WOR Championships, July 12-15 at Marina Park in Huntington Beach California.  Pack up the family and come enjoy some of the best outdoor racquetball has to offer, you won’t want to miss it!!

3WallBall Goes West !!!

The 2012 3WallBall Cup Championship Series has reached the half-way point with the completion of the second tournament in the series, the WOR Warm-ups,  presented by Ektelon. 

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It’s On!!!

The 2012 3WallBall Cup Championship Series is under way with the completion of the first tournament in the series, the 2012 WOR 3rd Annual Megaviton Florida Outdoor State Championships presented by Gearbox Racquetball. 

Players from ten states gathered at Tropical Park in Miami.  There’s a rumor going around that someone’s bucket list got a little shorter when locals Vic Leibofsky & Ismael Noa took out legends Cliff Swain and Marty Hogan in the Men’s Pro doubles. 

Robert Sostre of New York was the big winner on the men’s side followed closely by Joe Young of Florida.  Yoanis Garcia of Florida led the women with Diana Garza of Florida in second place. 

The big prize of this four tournament series will be $500 plus a suite in the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas.  A big thank you goes to tournament directors Mike Bernstein and Chris Young for this great event. 

Next up in the series is the WOR Warm-Ups on June 9-10, 2012 at  Marina Park in Huntington Beach, CA.  For more info, contact tournament director Greg Solis,  gregsolis5@yahoo.com

Current standings can be found at http://www.3wallball.com/

3 Wall Ball Championships Set for September 19-23, 2012

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CPRT Hits the Mile High Pro Am!

Playing alongside the WPRO the CPRT showcased the top players in the state with National Champion and #1 ranked player Woody Clouse leading the way!

Hit the link for the full story!


Woody Clouse Adds To His Titles

Woody Clouse added another CPRT title to his collection. This one was a hard fought victory. Jimmy Lowe started a tad slow by dropping the first two games. Woody's serves kept Jimmy off balance. Jimmy came back to win games 3 and 4 by his stellar retrieving skills. The crowd of over 50 spectators loved the banter by both players on and off the court. Jimmy is somewhat known for his colorful attitude and he certaintly didnt let down this time. Game 5 went to Clouse as he dug deep to finish off Lowe.

The CPRT doubles champs were crowned on Sunday as Bret Harnett and Craig Lane took out the "younger" team of Adam Karp and Jason Mannino. Harnett and Lane beat Mannino and Karp in straight games as the kept constant pressure by blistering pass shots and jam serves.

Finals Set at CPRT Championships Las Vegas

The first semifinal match of the day was Jimmy Lowe vs. Craig Lane. Lane came out firing on all cylinders and won the first game 9-1. The tides soon turned as Jimmy started shooting better and squeaked the second game out 9-8. Clubber was missing a few shots and Jimmy was there to chase them down as he won the next to game 9-5 and 9-3 to close out the match.
Tomorrow semis will pit Jimmy Lowe against Clubber Lane, and Woody Clouse will face George Bustos in his first ever CPRT semi final.

The second semifinal was Woody Clouse vs. George Bustos. This was Bustos' first ever CPRT semifinal and was a tad nervous as he missed a few shots in the first game and lost a quick one 9-4. Woody was clicking off points quickly and won the second game 9-2. George found his backhand splat and rolled off points in a hurry to win the fourth game 9-6. Woody's serves came alive in the fourth game and he was able to close out the match with a 9-4 win.

CPRT Championships into Semifinals In Las Vegas

Dale Valentine was the only top seed to be a casualty to George Bustos. George played tough to beat Dale in 3 straight games. Other top seeds advanced. Jimmy Lowe, the number 3 seed advanced past Rick "Soda Man" Koll in 3 straight. Number 2 seed, Craig Clubber Lane advanced past Ken Courtney. Lastly, #1 seed, Woody Clouse advanced past David Mendoza.

Tomorrow semis will pit Jimmy Lowe against Clubber Lane, and Woody Clouse will face George Bustos in his first ever CPRT semi final.

CPRT's Woody Clouse Fundraises for Colorado Jr. Racquetball Players

Woody Clouse continues to give back to the community with the Peerless Tire Opening Shots Shootout & Fundraiser for JR Team USA members Nick Riffle,Erika Manilla and Adam Manilla. A great time was had by all who attended. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to the event.! If you want to give to the cause, sent it to CRA, PO Box 237, Larkspur, CO 80118 Cheers!!



CPRT Championships Set For March 1 - 4, 2012

The CPRT Championships will once again be held in Las Vegas, NV March 1-4, 2012. Plan now to attend this annual CPRT event

Click here to register online at R2 Sports!

CPRT Hosts Annual Firefighter/Marines Toys for Tots Tournament in California

CPRT's Gerry Price will be hosting the annual Firefighter/Marines Toys for Tots Tournament in California on Saturday December 10, 2011. The tournament sold out over a month ago. This year's goal is to top last years donations of over a 1000 toys and $2200.00 dollars.

CPRT Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

The CPRT's Woody Clouse along with Tony Carson host a tournament and exhibition to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

2011 Safe Nest Toy Drive Racquetball Tournament A Big Success

We would like to thank the 65 plus players that helped with the 2011 Safe Nest Toy Drive Racquetball Tournament in Vegas playing singles and doubles over the first weekend of December. We collected over 165 new toys for the kids. We would also like to thank AJ at the Las Vegas Athletic Clubs and Bob with the city of Las Vegas Minker Sports complex for donating their courts for the 5th year of this event.


Open Singles: J. Hassey
Open Doubles: Soda Man/T Moore
A Singles: J Canderlia
A Doubles: J Holmes/D Foot
B Singles: K Meitz
B Doubles: K Mietz/J Melinicuk
C Singles: J Campo

We hope everyone had a great time and we'll see you all next year! Have a great Holiday season!

2011 Christmas Toy Drive Set for Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and Dec. 3

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Clouse Dominates Again! 3 And Counting…..

The 2011 US OPEN attracted the largest and deepest draw of the year as many players had to win two matches just to qualify into the main draw! All of the top seeds, Woody Clouse, Jimmy Lowe, Mike Ray and Travis Aldinger were ready to take on the challenge from the hungry qualifiers who were looking to make a name for themselves.

Read the rest of the story...

Clouse to Defend Title at US OPEN

Woody Clouse returns to Minneapolis to defend his CPRT title at the 2011 US OPEN as the top seed, opening play on Friday afternoon against a qualifier. Seeded second will be Jimmy Lowe followed by Mike Ray and Travis Aldinger. Fifth seed is Dale Valentine, then Brad McCunniff, Ted Pittinaro and Richard Eisenmann rounding out the top eight. A field of 28 players from four countries will battle for the eight qualifying spots in Friday's round of 16. Follow all the action beginning Wednesday on R2 Sports.

Sostre and Peters Win CPRT Doubles at 3 Wall Ball Championships


Robert Sostre & Mike Peters dominated the CPRT Doubles division at the 2011 3 Wallball World Championships cruising into the finals without dropping a game and then defeating Jesus Ustarroz and Kevin Booth in a great Saturday Night feature final 15-6, 12-15, 11-4. Sostre & Peters were the fourth seeds and after opening wins over Brough & Bronson then Moreno & Green they shocked the top seeds and defending champions Cliff Swain & Craig Lane 15-10, 15-13 in the top semi-final. Ustarroz & Booth came from the seventh seeded position with wins over Hallenbeck & Uhrich then Hansen & Leibofsky before their semi-final over Thomas Ale & Yelandi Rivero 5-15, 15-11, 11-3.

Swain and Lane Take Top Honors at WOR Championships

20 teams came together chasing the $2000 cash prize for this year’s WOR Championships. The draw was deep with plenty of former pro champions like Rick Sandello, Craig Clubber Lane, Mike Peters, Gabe Medina, Mike Beltran and Ravi Sohoni.  When the dust settled Cliff Swain and Craig Clubber Lane came out on top. They beat Mike Peters and Freddy Ramirez to continue their undefeated streak outdoors and did so in convincing fashion by winning 15-7, 15-0.


3 Wall Ball Championships Set for September 22-25, 2011


Pictured are (left to right); Woody Clouse, Hank Marcus, Gerry Price, David Grolman, Mike Coulter, Craig Lane, and Cliff Swain.


The top pros came together with the directors of 3 Wall Ball and the Stratosphere at the CPRT Nationals in Las Vegas in support of the second annual 3 Wallball World Championships to be held Sept. 22-25, 2011 at the Stratosphere Las Vegas.

Clouse Dominates in the Final of the 2011 CPRT Nationals


Woody Clouse dominated Travis Aldinger in the finals of the CPRT Nationals to not only take the title but to secure the season-ending CPRT Tour Championship. Clouse overpowered and outplayed Aldinger, who had an amazing first-ever CPRT event, 9-3, 9-4, 9-4. Clouse has now three-peated the Tour Championship by winning the last three events of this season.

A CPRT Nationals weekend filled with upsets ended with one more as Jason Conway and Greg Solis upset singles Champion Woody Clouse and Craig Lane in the finals of the CPRT Doubles 9-7, 9-8, 9-2.. Download the final draw here.

The CPRT would like to thank Tour Partners Ektelon, Harrow and Head and Sponsors Stratosphere Hotel & Casino, Beck’s, Soda Man, Ahern, DeWalt, Tool Up, and 3 Wall Ball.


Upsets Continue into the Finals at the 2011 CPRT Nationals


Travis Aldinger continues his run of upsets at the CPRT Nationals with a solid three game win over number three seed Jimmy Lowe 9-7, 9-8, 9-4. Aldinger will face the top ranked and now 2010-11 Tour Champion Woody Clouse in the finals. Clouse was able to avoid another Louis Vogel comeback with a 9-2, 9-2, 1-9, 9-2 victory. The finals are scheduled at 6pm at the Las Vegas Athletic Club. Tournament info and results are also available on r2sports.com.


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Friday Night Upsets at the 2011 CPRT Nationals


The story of Friday at the 2011 CPRT Nationals are the upsets of the Quarterfinals. After a round of 16 that was free of any significant upsets, top ranked Woody Clouse opened the Quarters with a fairly quick win over Gerry Price 9-2, 9-5, 9-6 ending Price’s return to CPRT play after a long injury leave. The next match was the shocker as Travis Aldinger playing in his first CPRT event after recently turning 40, upset the number two seed Cliff Swain 9-6, 8-9, 1-9, 9-8, 9-7. Swain came from 0-8 to win the second game and dominated the third game before Aldinger regrouped and hung on to win the close last two games and move on. The upsets continued as Louis Vogel was blown out of the first two games by third seed Craig Lane before mounting a comeback with two tight wins and ultimately wore down Lane in five 1-9, 0-9, 9-8, 9-8, 9-2. The evening ended with a disappointing note as dale Valentine was forced to forfeit to Jimmy Lowe due to illness midway through the match.

Tomorrow’s semi-finals open at Noon with Clouse taking on Vogel followed by Aldinger and Lowe. Tournament info and results are also available on r2sports.com.

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Quarter-finals Set for Friday Night at

Classic Professional Racquetball Tour (CPRT) Nationals

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The Classic Professional Racquetball Tour (CPRT)

closes out the 2010-11 season with the CPRT Nationals

April 8 – 10 at the Las Vegas Athletic Club.

Download Draw

A CPRT draw of 16 will face off for the largest purse of the season and bonus ranking points in the season finale. Leading the lineup will be the top two ranked CPRT players; Woody Clouse of Highlands Ranch, CO and Cliff Swain of Boston, MA. Seeded third will be Hawaii’s Jimmy Lowe and rounding out the top four will be Californian Craig Lane. Louis Vogel, Gerry Price, Dale Valentine and Bobby Ferreira follow as the next four seeds. The draw will be loaded with some of the region’s top 40 and over players taking their best shot at the CPRT professionals. Play begins with round of 16 starting at Noon Friday followed by the quarterfinals Friday evening. Semi-final action continues at Noon Saturday morning with a 6:00pm Saturday CPRT final. Follow the action on classicproracquetball.com with results and updates posted nightly. Tournament info and results are also available on r2sports.com.

A full slate of amateur singles and doubles divisions with over 150 entries will fill out a great weekend that will benefit the National Fibromyalgia Research Association.



Cliff Swain
Woody Clouse
Gerry Price
Bret Harnett
Mike Ray
Mike Ceresia
Craig Lane

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